Let’s see who’s really “#SPITTING #FLAME..”


Let’s see who’s really “#SPITTING #FLAME..”




Still Kickin…

What’s cracking everyone.

I’ve quasi-MIA as of late, but life’ll do that to you….

Alas, my quest towards hijacking your hearts is neverending. Thus I have new music for you all. My focus in this segment of my quest is developing the quality of my sounds. So, I BELIEVE, these are my best SOUNDING tracks.

I’ve completed the artist and engineering segments of my next project slated for release, Round 2 (O.O); the O.O stands for oval office because I became president of Third World Records during the production of this project. It’s 4 tracks deep, plus a Bonus track. Why add a bonus track to a 4 track project you say? 1) Because I can; and 2) Because it’s a redone track. It’s one of my favorites.

Which brings me to the next factoid you should keep in mind. I’m taking down all of my old music at the end of the summer. Because I reserve the right to rerecord and rerelease those songs so that I may present them with MUCH better quality then they originally came with. So get them while you still can. I SWEAR, anyone who demonstrates superior fanhood by owning those musics will forever be my BEST FANS, and will be “rewarded” for their fanhood.

Back to the main point, Round 2 is finished. BUT BEST BELIEVE; I AM DONE RELEASING MUSIC IF YOU DON’T WANT IT. So tell you friends and family about me, and help a homie build a buzz so that I may continue to keep the cuts coming for you all.

After some shallow contemplation, I’ve decided to release one more FREE project, Round 3, some time this year but I haven’t even began producing it. AV is the definite next focus, Round 3 will be behind that. So I’ll be recording for Round 3 while I continue to develop AV.

Until then, STAY POSTED FOR NEW MUSIC (if I’ve got the required amount of likes that is)…

Please help Idlemine in this contest by voting, sharing and playing their music. Thanks for the support!

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